What We Do At Loved 4 Life™


1. We create and sew a quilt for each new baby born into our community.

2. In some areas a homemade meal may be taken to the family after the baby is born. 

3. We knit pure wool garments for our babies.


Our “Loved” Quilts

Our team lovingly sew a special ‘LOVED’ quilt for each new baby that is born into the community, which we then deliver as a gift to the family.  Each quilt bears our ‘LOVED’ appliqué and displays the official Loved 4 Life ™ member label on the back.


Preparing Homemade Family Meals                                                                       

Some of our chapters offer a meal made by one of our volunteers and delivered to the family in the early weeks after the new baby is born.  Parents are often tired and sleep deprived and love having a home cooked meal delivered as a gift from the community. 

Some of our Loved 4 Life™ families have joined the volunteer list of meal makers when their babies are much older, to show their appreciation of the help they received from the community.  

And so the love goes around and around!


Knitting For Babies

We also knit pure wool garments for new babies.