Our quilts, of bassinette size, which are gifted to the family after the birth of a child, are a reminder to the family and to the child, that they are precious.  The word “LOVED” is appliquéd on the front of the quilt, together with a small heart.


Ribbons.......a prayer and a celebration

Four special ribbons are sewn on the quilt, and the first knot in each ribbon is tied by the LOVED 4 LIFE™ team member who is making the quilt. As she (or he) ties the ribbons she prays for the child and the family, the blessing.....

“May God’s love like sunlight, always surround you.”

When we give the parents the quilt, we encourage them to use the ribbons as a celebration of the child’s development, and to tie a knot when they notice any of the many positive things that the child does, e.g. a smile, a first tooth, a chuckle, learning to sit up etc.  They can also use the ribbons to add to the prayers and blessings for the child. 

A Loved 4 Life™ label is sewn onto the back of the quilt with the child’s name on it and the name of the church and/or community who are giving the quilt to the baby.