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"Never Believe that a Few Caring People Can't Change The World.
For That's All Who Ever Have."

Margaret Meads


The Loved 4 Life™ Story


Loved 4 Life™ is a not for profit, community organisation founded by Marcia Guest in August 2007, in the country area of Te Horo, New Zealand.   We set out as a small team, with support from St Margaret’s Church and the Te Horo community.  We believe that every child is a gift and should be loved for life. We share a common passion and view that strong families build strong communities, which in turn build a strong country........One family at a time.


How Loved 4 Life™ Began

Families today are often alone, with grandparents and extended family living far away. We wanted a unique and special way to reach out to families in our local community after the birth of a new baby to show them that they are loved and supported.  So we started welcoming every new baby born into our community, by making each child their own special ‘Loved’ bassinette quilt and then gifting it, and hand delivering it to the family.  We also started taking a home cooked meal with us for the family to enjoy, and so the Loved 4 Life™ vision, of connecting with families, and supporting them to love their children for life, became a reality.  We are inter-denominational and reach out to families of all races and faiths in our community.


Spreading the Vision and the Love

Since January 2008, we’ve helped and extended our love to over 4800+ families in communities around New Zealand. 
73 of our LOVED quilts and knitting were sent to Christchurch babies following the devastating earthquake on 22 February 2011.  


Loved 4 Life™  Facts At A Glance

Loved 4 Life™ began in 2007.

Our team of Loved 4 Life™ volunteers has grown in number to more than 160 people.

We have 16 Loved 4 Life ™ Member Chapters in different regions of New Zealand.


If you are interested in opening a Loved 4 Life™ chapter in your church or community, please visit the Join Us page or email us at

We would love to hear from you.   Thank you for your interest in our work at Loved 4 Life™.  It is a joy and a blessing to us all.


Hilary Olds, National Leader

Loved 4 Life™, Te Horo, New Zealand

Over 4800 NZ Families helped

Over 4800 NZ Families helped